Kombucha; Choosing your Tea

Kombucha is fermented tea! Tea is one of the driving forces behind Kombucha by providing nutrients for the SCOBY.  Therefore, the nutrition factor, taste, baby SCOBY formation, carbonation and much more can be heavily influenced by the type of tea you use! So which tea is best? There isn't necessarily a "best" because the resulting taste is… Continue reading Kombucha; Choosing your Tea


Kombucha; Second Fermentation

How do I carbonate my Kombucha? A super common thing that first-time brewers don't realize is that Kombucha straight from the jar will not be very, if at all, carbonated. Why is this? Well because for Kombucha to brew properly, it needs to be exposed to air (covered with a breathable material). This allows for proper… Continue reading Kombucha; Second Fermentation


Basic Kombucha Recipe

So you've decided to brew your own kombucha! Good Choice! Below is a step by step guide to help you through brewing your first batch! 1-Gallon, Black Tea Kombucha Recipe Tools: 1-2 Gallon Glass Jar Thermometer sticker (like what you would use on a fish tank) pH Strips Wooden spoon Cheese cloth (or another breathable material)… Continue reading Basic Kombucha Recipe


Kombucha 101

What is Kombucha!? Well, you're going to find out if you keep reading! I recently started sharing my kombucha process on Instagram and noticed many people have lots of questions, comments, concerns and curiosity! There are lots of blogs and websites already sharing their kombucha experience, but lots have conflicting messages or just are not… Continue reading Kombucha 101


Sprouting Sprouts!

Have you ever rolled your eyes in the grocery store at the high prices for a few handfuls of sprouts? Well, I know I have! I decided it was time to take control of the sprouts myself! It turns out this is super simple and very cost efficient and you can do it too! What… Continue reading Sprouting Sprouts!


Welcome to The Urban Lily!

 I have created this blog to share my passion for healthy, self-sustainable habits and to encourage others to learn ways they can become self-sustainable even when living an urban lifestyle! Urban because I am a happy Haligonian (Halifax, Nova Scotia) and Lily because this beautiful flower has brought many wonderful things into my life which I… Continue reading Welcome to The Urban Lily!